About - HPAT Coalition

Health professionals have played important roles in the design and implementation of torture and other forms of ill treatment of detained persons in many countries. While groups within particular health professions or countries have opposed this involvement, there has been no organized international coalition uniting professionals from the different professions to oppose health professional involvement in the torture project.

Health Professionals Against Torture (HPAT) is an international coalition of health practitioners and clinicians who categorically reject torture and the active or passive involvement of health professionals in torture anywhere in the world. Participating health professionals seek to use the ethical training and commitments of their professions to delegitimize and condemn the official use of torture for any purpose whatsoever. Current efforts to bring together a consensus of health professionals are not well integrated and can benefit from better coordination. HPAT is a coalition that provides the infrastructure for an effective mobilization of people and organizations to denounce health professional involvement in torture.

The mission of the HPAT Coalition is to end the complicity and participation of health professionals in torture, and to raise consciousness about the ill effects and illegality of torture among health professionals and their professional organizations.

The goal of HPAT is to end the use of torture, to confront the complicity of health professionals in any and all aspects of the torture project, and to use elements of legal, ethical, and moral obligations to raise consciousness about torture and its ill effects and illegality among health professionals and their professional organizations.